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In today’s world, there are two types of companies: ones that have already experienced a catastrophic data loss, and ones that will.

It’s not just a simple matter of IF, but WHEN your going to lose your data.

When it comes to your data, give yourself peace of mind.

As technology continues to take a center stage in business strategy, data protection has become a must-have for all organizations. It reduces the risk of downtime, data loss, and compliance breaches in the event of a system failure or other issue. We understand that a backup solution must not only recover data, but do it quickly. Time is money, so all of our backup recovery solutions strive to retrieve your data in the most efficient way possible.

Three copies of your data, two local copies, and one in an offsite location. By adhering to the rule, the risk of losing access to your data effectively ceases to exist.

When you get hit with a disaster, it’s not about how long you stay down – it’s whether you can get back up and running at all. Backups prove to your clients that your company isn’t going to let disasters get in the way of doing better business.

Having backup and recovery services is like having an ace up your sleeve.No matter what happens, your data is safe and fully recoverable. Sleep soundly knowing your business can survive through anything.

What good is having a backup and recovery service if it takes too long to use it?

Our recovery process is fast and efficient. Your company can be back up and running with all of your data in short amount of time.

When it comes down to it we understand that cost plays a huge role in making sure your small or medium business can afford the service.

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Managed Data, based on provided space up to 25TB, is $95/mo for the first TB and $8/TB/mo after.
Just want the space? Its just $10/TB/mo. No extra fees.

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